Mathematical Society (QMS), Department of Mathematics, QAU

The students and the faculty of the department have been appreciating the need of constituting the student welfare association in order to facilitate the developing qualities among students. To fulfill this need the students laid the foundation of their very own society Quaidian Mathematical Society (QMS). It was founded by the graduate students in year 2009. This is a non-political society, has no political affiliations with any political party or organizations.

The organization can assure the benefit of students by organizing different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and competitions.

QMS is the only society of QAU to hold registered with Islamabad High court and this is due to the hard work of Prof. Dr. Tasawar Hayat and M. Zubair Moughal.


The society has always aimed for the overall development in the department and personality building of the students.
The basic aims for founding the society are as follows:

  • Basic Aims

    • To provide a platform to the students to interact with the intellectuals of the mathematics and other fields as well.
    • To provide a conducive environment in the department.
    • To provide an opportunity to students for the expression of the opinion.
    • To organize co-curricular activities on behalf of students.

These objectives are persuaded in the greater interest of the students free from any sort of political ideology.

Structure of QMS

Body of QMS will include:

  • Board of Governors, This Shall consist of:

    • 1Patron in Chief; that shall be the Vice Chancellor of QAU.
    • 2Patron; that shall be the Chairperson of Mathematics Department, QAU.
    • 3Advisor; that shall be the Student Affairs in-charge of the Department, QAU.
    • 4Two Members; that shall be the President and the General Secretary of QMS.

  • Executive Body, This shall consist of the following elected office Bears:

    • 1President: From MPhil or PhD.
    • 2Vice President: Any student from PhD/MPhil/BS/M.Sc.
    • 3General Secretary: Any student from PhD/MPhil/BS/M.Sc.
    • 4Joint Secretary: Any student from PhD/MPhil/BS/M.Sc.
    • 5Finance Secretary: Any student from PhD/MPhil/BS/M.Sc.
    • 6Information secretary: Any student from PhD/MPhil/BS/M.Sc.

  • General Body. This shall consist of all Members of the Society


Only regular members of the Association shall be eligible to vote provided their due is fully paid.

Inauguration ceremony for the launch of the society

It was held in Mathematics department. All faculty members were invited there. Mr. Waseem Siddiqui, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub, Prof. Dr. Tasawar Hayat and Prof. Dr. Qaiser Mushtaq gave their valuable suggestions and encouraged the students for their social growth. And according to them along with the excellent educational career, extra-curricular activities which make a productive human being are also necessary.


The society raises its funds at its own.


All registered students of the department are the members of the society. Students of (BS, MSc, MPhil, PhD) are eligible to be the members of the QMS. There is no membership fee for the students. All the members have right to choose the representatives of the society by the proper way of election.

Activitiesof QMS

Quaidian Mathematical Society undertakes the following activities:

  • Board of Governors, This Shall consist of:

    • Math Rodeo (Quiz Competition)
    • Debate Competitions
    • Lectures by Prestigious Scholars
    • Sport Competitions
    • Excursion Trip
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
Departmental Magazine

Beside all these activities QMS is working on a departmental magazine. In these magazine students of department of mathematics can share their skills and abilities of arts, calligraphy, poetry and other hidden talent. QMS will bring such talented students forward and will appreciate their hidden talent. This will be published once in a semester.