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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

MSc | MPhil/PhD


MA-601  Semigroup Theory
MA-602  LA-Semigroups
MA-603  Near Rings-I
MA-604  Near Rings-II
MA-605  Advanced Ring Theory-I
MA-606  Advanced Ring Theory-II
MA-607  Theory of Group Actions
MA-608  Theory of Group Graphs
MA-609  Lie Algebras
MA-610  Several Complex Variables
MA-611  Topological Vector Spaces
MA-612  Non-Standard Analysis
MA-613  Ordered Vector Spaces
MA-614  Banach Algebras
MA-615  C*-Algebras
MA-616  Spectral Theory in Hilbert Spaces
MA-617  Extension of Symmetric Operators
MA-618  Topics in Complex Analysis
MA-619  One Parameter Semigroups
MA-620  Von Neumann Algebras
MA-621  Numerical Ranges of Operators on Normal Spaces
MA-622  Strict Convexity
MA-623  Fixed Point Theory
MA-624  Banach Lattices
MA-625  Loop Groups
MA-626  Approximation Theory
MA-627  Topological Algebras
MA-628  Variational Inequalities
MA-629  Nilpotent and Solube Groups
MA-630  Theory of Complex Manifolds
MA-631  Commutative Algebra-I
MA-632  Commutative Algebra-II
MA-633  Commutative Semigroup Rings
MA-634  Homological Algebra-I
MA-635  Homological Algebra-II
MA-636  Theory of Semirings
MA-637  Fuzzy Algebra
MA-638  Algebraic Coding Theory
MA-639  Algebraic Number Theory
MA-644  Introduction to Algebraic Cryptography
MA-651  Partial Differential Equations
MA-652  Integral Equations
MA-653  Magnetohydrodynamics-I
MA-654  Magnetohydrodynamics-II
MA-655  Electrodynamics-I
MA-656  Electrodynamics-II
MA-657  Basics of the Theory of Fluids
MA-658  Advanced Analytical Dynamics-I
MA-659  Adv Analytical Dynamics-II
MA-660  Mathematical Techniques for Boundary Value Problems
MA-661  Elastodynamics-I
MA-662  Plasma Theory-I
MA-663  Plasma Theory-II
MA-664  General Relativity
MA-665  Cosmology
MA-666  Astrophysics
MA-667  The Classical Theory of Fields
MA-668  Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
MA-669  Acoustics
MA-670  Elastodynamics-II
MA-674  Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
MA-675  Sampling Techniques-I
MA-676  Sampling Techniques-II
MA-677  Design of Experiments-I
MA-678  Design of Experiments-II
MA-679  Time-Series
MA-680  Multivariate Analysis-I
MA-681  Multivariate Analysis-II
MA-682  Finite Mixture Distributions-I
MA-683  Finite Mixture Distributions-II
MA-684  Group Methods for Diff.Eq
MA-685  Numerical Techniques in Astrophysics
MA-686  Statistical Mechanics
MA-687  Advance Quantum Theory
MA-688  Introduction to robotics
MA-689  Linear Systems Theory
MA-690  Non-Linear Control Theory
MA-691  Group Analysics of Differentail Equations
MA-692  Group Analysics of Partial Differentail Equations
MA-699  Mphil Dissertation
MA-899  PhD Dissertation

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